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Zula 126.3 for Windows

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Description:Spectacular online FPS with several game modes
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Jan 30th, 2020
Author:Madbyte Games


Zula is a completely free multiplayer shooter that invites you to enjoy more than half a dozen different game modes, including some of the most popular such as deathmatch, team deathmatch or capture the flag. Plus, within each of these modes, you can choose to play with knives, sniper rifles, or all kinds of weapons.

Zula’s gameplay is very similar to that found in Counter-Strike or other similar titles. During the first few seconds of each round, you can choose which weapon you want to buy. Depending on the weapon you’ve chosen, you can move faster or slower, improve your accuracy if you’re crouching, and so on.

One of Zula’s main selling points is that it includes a bunch of game modes as well as a variety of settings and weapons. In total, you can play in more than a dozen completely different settings, many of them inspired by great Counter-Strike classics. Similarly, there are tons of weapons with their respective skins, which you can acquire as you keep playing.

Zula’s settings menu lets you adjust the game’s graphic options to suit your computer’s characteristics. You can also customize the control system and redefine as many buttons as you want.

Zula is an excellent FPS multiplayer, which offers a fun and addictive game experience. Plus, the game has excellent graphics, up to par with many other awesome games that are regularly released for PC.

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