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YSoccer for Windows

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Operating System:Microsoft Windows
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YSoccer is a free and open source version of a classic game called Sensible World of Soccer, which is one of the most accessible and entertaining soccer games ever, released for the first time in 1994. This project was originally conceived of as Yoda Soccer, a previous version of the game that’s still playable, although it lacks all the improvements included in this version.

The controls are very simple. With them, you can have a blast playing soccer with a single button (plus the directional keys, of course). Depending on when and for how long you press this button, you can pass the ball or take shots on goal. If you’ve played before, then you’ll know that if you press the arrow keys when you take a shot, you can even apply some spin, which increases your chances of scoring.

Because YSoccer is free and open source, it doesn’t have any official player or team licenses, so every name and logo has been replaced by a royalty-free version. That said, you can also find a patch to solve this problem on the game’s official website. With this patch, you’ll have all the real club logos, player names, official jerseys, and more. This is a common work-around used even for big-budget commercial games.

YSoccer is an outstanding soccer game in every way. It offers a more traditional (and difficult) gaming experience for modern desktop computers. The controls can be a little difficult by current standards, but the game still feels as fresh and fun as ever.

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