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Yoho Sports 20.36.28 for Android

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App Name

Yoho Sports

Description:Get the most out of your fitness tracker
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Aug 26th, 2021
Author:mCube Inc.


Track your physical activity and sleep cycles with the fitness app Yoho Sports. To get started, just sync the app with a fitness tracker.

Yoho Sports is easy to use: just open the app and pair your fitness tracker via Bluetooth. After that, you can enjoy all the features that Yoho Sports has to offer, such as a pedometer, calorie counter, and kilometers walked counter. On top of that, you can adjust your daily walking goal.

As well as your activity, you also can track your sleep with Yoho Sports, including how long you sleep, sleep and wake times, and how deep you sleep. On top of all that, you can choose to receive notifications on your fitness tracker, check the weather forecast right from the app, and more.

Get the most out of your fitness tracker with the app Yoho Sports.

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