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Yandex.Browser 21.8.2 for Windows

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Description:Yandex, Russia’s most popular web browser
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Sep 6th, 2021
Author:Yandex LCC


Yandex.Browser is a standout browser from Russia that was developed by the creators of the Yandex search engine.

This application is quite similar to Google Chrome, in that it offers interesting features like a website security scan courtesy of Kaspersky.

If you switch to this browser, you can even import your favorites bar from Google Chrome, so that you’ll have your favorite sites just a click away. You can also add useful widgets, like weather and traffic information or notifications from social networks.

Your searches can be performed from the Smartbox, which will produce various suggestions for results so that you can more quickly find what you’re looking for.

Yandex.Browser also includes a ‘turbo mode’, which automatically turns on if your Internet connection speed begins to decline. It will open pages much more quickly thanks to data compression, so you’ll save time and traffic.

As far as security goes, Yandex.Browser boasts a protector that will detect viruses, and Kaspersky will scan all of the files that you want to download.

This browser, like many others these days, is also capable of translating any website written in a different language, with up to 14 options including Spanish, French, German, and Ukrainian.

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