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Yahoo Finance 11.1.6 for Android

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App Name

Yahoo Finance

Description:Get the latest news on the market and the economy with Yahoo
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Jun 1st, 2021


Yahoo Finance is an app that lets you stay up to date with the international markets. With this app you can check out the latest news from the biggest companies in Europe, Asia and North America, as well as the companies you choose to follow. If you are an investor, this app lets you follow market fluctuations and keeps a constant record of the value of your stocks.

The Yahoo Finance interface is simple and intuitive. From the lower menu you can quickly access the latest news, market summary, search tool and your notifications. From the side menu, on the other hand, you can access the options menu and link any broker account you might have. In the options menu you can change between dark and normal mode, or you can change the main region.

Yahoo Finance is a great app for users who want to or must be informed of market fluctuations. Follow your investments, see your stock prices over time, or simply check out all the information related to any domestic or international company. All this information is right in the palm of your hand.

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