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XnView Classic 2.50.2 for Windows

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App Name

XnView Classic

Description:Capture and view your pictures
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Sep 23th, 2021
Author:Pierre E. Gougelet


XnView is a feature-packed app photo manager. This program has great features like an image viewer, browser, and converter. Not only that only, but you won’t have to worry about compatibility issues, because Xnview supports more than 500 file formats.

The image viewer has hundreds of viewing options. View your images in thumbnails, in FilmStrip view, as a slideshow… the possibilities are almost endless. Not only that, but you can also compare your images by opening two at once, or using filters to sort them. The app’s filters mean you can easily sort through your images and only view the pictures you need.

On the other hand, XnView has a powerful file manager you can use to find your images in a matter of seconds. Enter a search term, date, location, format, size, or almost anything that could help you find a certain file, and XnView will find exactly what you need. Along with the search tools, you can use the app’s filters to narrow your search.

Along with all those features, XnView can crop, rotate, resize, apply effects, and adjust the brightness, contrast, or colors of any image or group of images. This means you can edit hundreds of files at once, without having to adjust each one individually, saving you valuable time.

XnView is a photo viewer that offers unbeatable compatibility. There’s no way you’ll have compatibility issues with this app: it can open and edit over five hundred different file formats. View and edit hundreds of images in hardly any time at all with the app XnView.

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