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Operating System:MacOS
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In the age of games that make use of 3D technology with stunning special effects and graphics, X-Moto makes a place for itself thanks to its simple gameplay where you have to get your bike to the end of each level, competing against the clock and collecting a series of objects.

But X-Moto’s developers won’t make it any easier for you. Some levels are so complicated that you’ll need to sharpen your mental skills to find out how to avoid a specific obstacle: try balancing on one wheel or tilting your motorcycle enough to get past a really low roof.

To beat the levels, you need to collect a series of berries scattered throughout each of them. Some you’ll find in the most unlikely of places; a sunflower means the end of the level, and a mine is a dangerous object that you need to avoid no matter what.

X-Moto includes a level editor to create your own scenarios and share them with the rest of the gaming community.

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