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XFLR5 6.49 for Windows

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Description:Design and analyze airfoil profiles with this comprehensive software solution that offers a complete set of features and increased analysis capabilities
Version:XFLR5 6.49
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37.2 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 10 64 bit
Updated on:August 2, 2021
Downloaded:11,635 times
Developer:Andre Deperrois


Studying airfoils and creating new designs or improving some that are already available is a complex job that requires a great deal of knowledge and some specialized utilities. Insofar as the software requirement is concerned, a tool you can rely on
for taking care of the analysis part, but also for other tasks like calculations and design.
Ready to run as soon as you extract it from the package it comes in, XFLR5 will greet you with a nice interface, which has all the tools and commands at hand. The main window is split into two parts, with most of the available space allocated to the airfoil outline.
The details that correspond to various parameters of the loaded design are show in the lower part of the workspace and are neatly organized inside a table, so the values are easy to read.
XFLR5 is equipped with quite a few tools that will come in handy whenever you will need to take a close look at the components and make fine adjustments.
Thus, besides the common zoom controls, it is possible to add a background image. This can prove very useful if you want to make an idea about how a certain wing, for example, will look attached to the main body.
Adding a grid to the current view and customizing it is also possible with just a coupe of clicks. Foil normalization, export, duplication and other commands are to be found in the dedicated menu of the application.
On the whole, XFLR5 is definitely a utility for professionals and it sports a good feature set that will certainly prove of great help for anyone who needs to look inside the details of an airfoil.

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