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Description:Writing and note-taking app.

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Operating System:MacOS
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Author / Developer:Developer website


Write offers a well designed writing experience with beautiful inline markdown rendering and some gorgeous fonts. Write is a clean & intuitive design focused on things that matter most – your notes!

Add Folders from Anywhere
Organise your notes by adding multiple sources from any location on your Mac and have quick access from a single place.

Stunning Writing Experience
Write offers beautifully rendered text with some very pretty fonts offering you a best in class writing experience.

iCloud, Dropbox and more
Write support iCloud & Dropbox and syncs with its iPhone and iPad counterpart. Any note you save in iCloud or Dropbox will be accessible on your iOS device.

Tons of Sharing Options
From exporting as a full rich text rendered PDF file to printing, emailing or saving as a HTML file; we have it all!

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