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WordCreator 21.4.19 for Windows

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Description:Generate random words with the help of this lightweight piece of software that lets you save results as a TXT, CSV, XLSX, or HTML file
Version:WordCreator 21.4.19
File size:
2.1 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows All
Updated on:April 20, 2021
Downloaded:2,015 times
Developer:Stefan Trost


If you are trying to come up with new words to use as a password or simply want to be the best at Scribble, and you are willing to resort to a little cheat,
could be it.
Joking aside, the software utility is a word generator capable of providing you with filtered results while also being able to count characters and save statistics to a TXT, CSV, or XLSX file.
First of all, users should know that the program requires no installation, and running its executable should be enough to be prompted with an approachable GUI. As said, the application serves two main purposes, namely that of creating new words and that of counting the number of characters included in a specific string of text.
But let’s take one thing at a time. The former is pretty easy to configure as you just need to indicate a length and number of words you intend to generate, with the used syllables being listed in a dedicated box as well.
You can explore an extended syllable list with support for a multitude of languages, and you are also able to come up with custom random lists. As for the word counter, you just need to paste the text you are interested in, with the program offering statistics on the usage of each and every character.
It is worth pointing out that, while the application should be pretty easy to get accustomed to, there are a multitude of settings you can explore in case you want narrow down the results you are prompted with. As such, you can tweak anything from the word generator to the syllable list, counter character, system integration, and more.
As for your options in terms of exporting the results, you should know that saving them for later analysis to a TXT, CSV, XLSX, ODS, or HTML file is possible.
All in all, WordCreator is a helpful program that helps you play with words at your own pace. The application can generate new words as well as count characters, all in an intuitive GUI that should cater to the needs of a wide array of users.

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