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WizTree 4.02 for Windows

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Description:Find and sort files that use the most space on your hard drive
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Sep 20th, 2021
Author:Antibody Software


WizTree is a tool designed for analyzing and scanning the space on your hard drive in a way that aims to show the files and folders that are using the most space on your hard drive.

With the information that this program offers, you can locate and delete any file on your hard drive that takes up valuable space.

WizTree reads the MFT of the files directly from the disc. The MFT is the special hidden file that the system uses to keep track of everything on your hard drive. The exploration of all of the folders avoids low performance on your computer.

Why can’t you select some of your discs? WizTree obtains information through the direct exploration of the MFT files, so because of this, it will not work with network drives, substituted drives, or drives with NTFS format.

Find all the files and folders that use most of the space on your hard drive and get rid of them in a blink of the eye.

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