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WidsMob Viewer for MAC

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App Name

WidsMob Viewer

Description:An excellent picture viewer for Mac that includes editing tools
Operating System:MacOS
Added date:Nov 19th, 2018
Author:WidsMob Technology Ltd.


WidsMob Viewer is a great Mac tool that you can use to view your images as well as edit them through a simple process. If you’re looking for a similar program, then hey! You’ve just found a great alternative.

You can use WidsMob Viewer to view, explore and manage all the images stored in your smartphone. This intuitive interface makes it really easy to browse through the folders and locations as well as find the images that you’re looking for. You can also pick different viewing modes and adapt them to your preferences or needs.

But that’s not all, WidsMob Viewer includes editing tools that give the program a totally different perspective and turn it into a really complete option. You can play around with different image parameters such as exposure and temperature as well as apply filters that you can use to achieve certain predetermined effects.

Besides viewing and editing your pictures and images, WidsMob Viewer also lets you get rid of them, share them and save them as favorites so you can easily manage them.

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