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Who Is On My WiFi? 1.1.1 for MAC

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Who Is On My WiFi?

Description:Find out who’s connected to your WiFi
Operating System:MacOS
Added date:Jun 28th, 2016


Who Is On My WiFi? is a tool aimed at people who don’t know how many unknown devices might be connected to their WiFi network without their consent, and want to find out.

The application tracks down all the devices using your WiFi network, so you can identify which of them are authorized (smartphones, computers, and tablets) and which are actually unknown devices that shouldn’t be there. Who Is On My WiFi? is pretty efficient for detecting intruders in your network, since it shows their IP as well as their MAC address, and even the name of their devices.

It doesn’t matter if the WiFi network is password-protected: many applications out there can crack your key and still manage to connect to your network. Thanks to Who Is On My WiFi? you can stop worrying about your network’s safety. The program even plays a voice message when an unknown device connects to your network router.

It works very simply. Just mark ‘Known’ on all the computers and smartphones you recognize, and leave the rest as ‘Unknown’, so they can’t steal your connection.

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