Websocket Port

WebSockets have emerged as a critical technology in the landscape of real-time, bi-directional communication over the internet. They offer a long-lived, full-duplex communication channel between a client and server, over a single TCP connection. This technological advancement has proved to be a game-changer for various industries, enabling developers to design applications that demand immediate data updates and user interactions.

WebSockets significantly streamline the communication process by keeping connections open, reducing the need for constant polling and the associated overhead, resulting in improved performance and user experience. They have found wide-ranging applications, from live chat and messaging applications, multiplayer online games, to real-time market updates and collaborative document editing.

The Ultimate Guide to Postman WebSocket

The Ultimate Guide to Postman WebSocket - the ultimate guide to postman websocket 349 1 image

Postman has been a popular tool for API testing and development for a long time. But now, with the introduction of Postman WebSocket, it has taken a revolutionary step in the field of API development. This article will provide a complete guide on Postman WebSocket and how to use it …

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