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WebAutoType 6.8.0 for Windows

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Description:Use this lightweight plug-in to extend the functionality of KeePass Password Safe by associating URLs with custom keystroke sequences
Version:WebAutoType 6.8.0
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34 KB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows All
Updated on:August 14, 2021
Downloaded:1,792 times


If you are using
KeePass Password Safe
and would like to associate web page URLs with custom keystroke sequences, you should try
It is a useful plug-in that allows the main application’s AutoType function to work with browser URLs, not just window titles.
KeePass Password Safe, the application this plug-in is designed for, offers a useful function that allows you to quickly type user name and password information in web browsers and other programs.
To achieve this, it needs to simulate keystrokes so that it can switch between fields, then activate the login button. However, certain websites may require you to enter the password twice or insert other information.
To remedy this potential issue, the program allows you to associate custom keystroke sequences with various window titles. WebAutoType extends this functionality, by making it possible to associate sequences with browser URLs.
If you navigate to a login page and the browser automatically enters the user name, you have to delete it in order to use KeePass Password Safe’s AutoType function. This plug-in can automatically skip the user name field if the cursor is already in the password box.
WebAutoType offers a very useful function that allows you to quickly bring up the Add Entry menu from KeePass Password Safe.
When you use the preset key combination while a specific web page is opened in your browser, the program automatically populates the entry with information it can gather from the website. Additionally, you can specify in advance which group the new entry should be added to.
If you attempt to use the AutoType function twice on a web page that has no entry associated with it, the application can automatically bring up the Find function, allowing you to search for passwords within the database.
To conclude, WebAutoType is a useful plug-in that extends the functionality of KeePass Password Safe’s AutoType feature, by allowing you to associate custom keystroke sequences with browser URLs.

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