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WCD 6.0.3 / 6.0.4 Beta 2 for Windows

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Description:A tool that works in a similar way to the chdir command, enabling you to quickly change the current directory via the command prompt
Version:WCD 6.0.3 / 6.0.4 Beta 2
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Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows All
Updated on:August 2, 2021
Downloaded:2,793 times
Developer:Erwin Waterlander


, which is short for
Wherever Change Directory
, is a console-based application that enables you to quickly change the current directory, in a similar way to the ‘chdir’ command.
Relying on the legacy Norton Change Directory tool, this lightweight application comes with various folder selection options and time-saving features to help you improve productivity and streamline workflow.
Probably the most important plus of WCD is that it doesn’t require you to type in the full name of the directory you want to navigate to. For instance, it’s enough to type in ‘Desk’ to jump to the ‘Desktop’.
As expected, this might result in multiple matches, but thanks to the quick selection method WCD comes with, you can easily select from the available alternatives and even set aliases for specific locations. Moreover, you can configure the treefile, set subdirectories and instruct the application to ignore certain paths.
When launched for the first time, WCD takes the time to scan local folders and generate the treefile. To check out all the available commands and get acquainted with the syntax, you should start by running ‘wcdwin32.exe – h’ in a command prompt window launched with administrator privileges.
WCD can be configured to ignore diacritics and case. It can also create new directories with a command similar to makedir and add them to the treefile, as well as remove folders. Wildcards are supported.

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