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WAMR 0.11.0 for Android

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Description:Recover deleted WhatsApp messages
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Jun 1st, 2021


WAMR is an app that lets you read any message from WhatsApp or other chat apps, even if the contact who sent it deletes it before you can see it. This means if someone texts you something and then removes it before you can read it, you can recover the message and access the content anyway.

The way WAMR works is really simple: just save all the info in the notifications you get and copy it straight into the app. That lets you save every message you receive, even ones that get deleted before you read them. Best of all? It works not only with text messages but also with photos and even statuses.

All the erased messages you recover will go into your message history. Likewise, photos will go into your recovered images history, where you can view the exact date and time they were sent.

WAMR is an interesting app thanks to which you’ll never again be left wondering what someone said to you before deleting the message. Do keep in mind, though, that if you want to retrieve messages, you can’t have the chat silenced.

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