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WampServer 3.2.3 for Windows

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Description:Easy installation of Apache, MySQL and PHP
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Jan 13th, 2021


WampServer is a collection of web development tools that you can use to install an Apache server with PHP and MySQL database. An open source package that you need to test the function of your website locally.

You need these tools if you do backend coding since this is the only way that you can view the website that you’re working on with a browser. Installation is simple, just accept the terms of use, in this case from the GNU license, and then choose the installation path.

On the menu installed on the system tray, working with the server created is a breeze. WampServer is a fantastic tool that lets you see the end result of websites that you create, locally. Plus, it also includes managers like phpMyAdmin and SQLitemanager.

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