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VYM-View Your Mind 2.8.8 for Windows

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VYM-View Your Mind

Description:Express your thoughts in a fun, visually appealing way and share the created map with others using this clever software application
Version:VYM-View Your Mind 2.8.8
File name:setup-vym-2.7.509.exe
File size:
22.6 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows All
Updated on:July 22, 2021
Downloaded:3,547 times
Developer:Uwe Drechsel


The computer is probably the most useful multifunctional tool that exists. Amongst its various attributes, it gives you a helping hand in organizing virtually anything, including your thoughts.
View Your Mind
is a simple application that gives you the possibility of expressing yourself in a graphical, fun way.
Launching the application brings up the main window, where most work is conducted. A sufficiently large workspace is put at your disposal, so that no thought is left aside. Default elements included in the toolbar provide quick access points to functions you can use to better organize your mind.
The main concept is pretty simple and clever. It relies on the creation of mapcenters which can have countless branches linked to the core. Unfortunately, all of these are created independently, and there is no way to connect them together unless making one a branch of the other.
One of the first things you notice when looking at the toolbar is the abundance of colorful emoticons. Hovering your mouse cursor over each indicates what they mean so you get an idea where they can be used. These can be attributed to either mapcenters or branches alike, and range from task progress notes to importance or emotion icons.
In terms of customization, color is the main attribute you can play with. Mapcenters can be emphasized with a frame that can take the shape of a geometrical figure. The link connector can also suffer from modifications and can be rounded or thickened as well as set to a different color.
However, customization options are a little difficult to work with. Frames created for mapcenters are displayed a layer above links, and even though you can set it to include branches, the overall aspect isn’t too impressive.
In order to easily share your thought with others, the application gives you the possibility to save your map to a file. This can range from some of the most common image file types to html or text documents.
All in all, VYM – View Your Mind is not only a fun way to express your inner feelings, but can also boost creativity. The user friendly interface allows you to quickly adapt, and the large variety of emoticons you can attribute to each thought makes the map a little similar to what is inside your head.

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