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Voxengo Latency Delay 2.8 for Windows

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Voxengo Latency Delay

Description:A dedicated audio VST plugin that you can rely on to compensate latency generated by various instruments or even by other plugins
Version:Voxengo Latency Delay 2.8
File name:VoxengoLatencyDelay_28_Win32_64_VST_VST3_AAX_setup.exe
File size:
6.1 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows All
Updated on:July 27, 2021
Downloaded:2,820 times
Developer:Aleksey Vaneev


Latency is a well-known technical issue that manifests as a short delay of the audio signal counted from the moment it enters a system and when it gen outputted. This delay is usually produced by conversions between analog and digital systems (bots ways), digital signal processing, the time of transmission and the speed of sound.
Latency Delay
is an auxiliary AU and VST plugin that lets tweak the latency for a large number of other audio plugins, musical instruments and audio processes that have a small latency output which is not registered by the host application.
Regarding its core features, Latency  Delay sports 10000 latency samples and it can compensate the audio samples by 10000 minus the same amount of samples, usually monitored in milliseconds. This will give you a large enough segment to identify and correct your latency no matter the sources.
Also, as an important note, make sure that your host application can deal with latency compensation or there are enough chances for this plugin to surface issues or to not work at all.
The interface’s design is fairly simple and easy to comprehend as it provides level based buttons as well as quick entry fields for the determined values. The color scheme can also be changed, so if you prefer another theme, browse away.
To sum it up, Latency Delay is a small VST plugin that lets you fix the delay times for your audio sources in a quick and simple way.

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