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Vocal Remover 1.0 Beta for Windows

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Vocal Remover

Description:A simple and straightforward VST plugin that enables you to remove audio from songs so that you can get a Karaoke-like audio file that can be used in multiple situations
Version:Vocal Remover 1.0 Beta
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2.5 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows All
Updated on:October 11, 2021
Downloaded:3,146 times


Vocal Remover
is a handy and reliable VST plugin designed to clean songs of the vocal parts they may contain. Relying on an M/S system trick that features an EQ on mid signal, the plugin can easily remove the voice and enable users to obtain a Karaoke-style music. Considering that it is a VST plugin, it goes without saying that users need to employ a VST host where they can load the addon and proceed to process the song.
The addon can come in handy in a variety of situations, including when enhancing a short video that features an explanation for social media, for instance. In this example, users would like the viewers to focus on the message they want to convey rather than be distracted by the vocals of a song. At the same time, the plugin can also be helpful for those who enjoy singing or are practicing to warm up their voice and simply wish they could do away with the vocals of a track.
As with other similar tools, it is worth mentioning that it may not be possible to fully remove vocals due to various variables of the audio files, such as compression, frequency spectrum or stereo image separation.

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