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Vlad and Nikita 1.2.9 for Android

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App Name

Vlad and Nikita

Description:Join this family on their shopping day
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Sep 2nd, 2021
Author:Hippo Kids Games


Vlad and Nikita is a video game aimed at children, where players accompany a family on their trip to the grocery store to stock up on food. Later on, you can join them shopping for clothes, toys and much more.

In Vlad and Nikita, you can walk around the grocery store aisles and cross off things from your shopping list. As the grocery store is a large area, you can pass by clothes, toys and all kinds of objects, as you find things from vegetables and greens to specially prepared cakes for any occasion. The idea is to check what’s on the list, go to the corresponding aisle and find the product you need. For example, if you go to the fruit and vegetable section, you have to find the number of products on your list, weigh them, print the barcode with the price on it, stick it on a bag, and then put the bag in the shopping cart.

Then, you have to go to the checkout and scan each of the products you’re buying. After this, you have to check the ticket, look at the amount of money you have to pay, take your change and go home to put each product in its place.

Vlad and Nikita is a dynamic, fun and very entertaining game that has carefully designed and colorful graphics- perfect for stimulating little children’s curiosity.

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