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Vista Stock Icons 1.0 for Windows

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Vista Stock Icons

Description:Improve the look of your desktop PC with this modern icon pack that draws its influences from the Windows Vista operating system, sleek and stylish
Version:Vista Stock Icons 1.0
File size:
2.8 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows All
Updated on:August 31, 2021
Downloaded:981 times
Developer:Lokas Software


Vista Stock Icons
is just another way for Windows Vista nostalgics to enjoy a little more of that world on their modern Windows OS. While the icons are inspired and not necessary a replica of the Vista ones, the feeling is still there, and in many ways it could end up making your desktop look more original and less nostalgic. The set is indeed complete, offering pictograms for many different programs and locations around your machine.
The most important aspect when talking about icon packs is the originality factor. Sure, it also matters if they are quality merchandise if they can be easily applied, and so on, but individuals usually want to make their machines feel unique. Of course, there are people who never really get over a certain operating system, and would like to keep the looks while enjoying the newer technologies available. For both of these people, Vista Stock Icons could be the answer.
The pack comes with two specific formats for all available pictograms. You can use the ICO format, and attach whatever image you like from the collection to an app, for example. You could also use the PNG variants for easier online integration with buttons or any other projects you might have under development. Regardless, in both formats, the quality is above satisfactory and the available sizes plentiful, ranging from 16×16 to 256 x 256.
Vista Stock Icons might be just another pictogram pack out there, but it’s one of the well-done ones. The originality factor plays quite well in this mix and so does the number of available formats and sizes. If one is to add the most obvious thing, the Vista look, there is no denying that people fond of the older OS, will feel that this is the best way to have a bit of both worlds.

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