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Virtual CD-RW

Virtual CD-RW

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Virtual CD-RW

Description:Virtual CD driver.

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Operating System:MacOS
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Author / Developer:Developer website
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If your Mac doesn’t have a CD drive, how can you use an app that burns to CD?

You can’t use a disk image (.dmg) file instead because it won’t appear to be inserted in a real optical drive to your Mac.
You could use an external CD drive, even though they are much slower than an internal CD drive.t

How about a virtual CD app, the FAST and EASY way? Virtual CD-RW is an easy to use virtual CD driver that looks exactly like a CD drive to your Mac and to ALL apps running on your Mac. And because it stores the virtual CD data in a file on your hard drive, it’s much faster than any actual CD drive, whether it is an internal or an external CD drive. Best of all, No additional hardware is required!

Virtual CD-RW installs a CD icon on the macOS menu bar and you use the CD icon in the menu bar to interact with the Virtual CD-RW:

Burn to a virtual CD to bin/cue format
Insert and read from a virtual CD in bin/cue, iso, or car format
Erase a virtual CD

And its free to try. Simply download Virtual CD-RW and try it free for 15 days. During the trial period, Virtual CD-RW is fully functional with no restrictions on its use.

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