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Verdant Village 0.2.9 for Windows

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App Name

Verdant Village

Description:A medieval Stardew Valley villager experience
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Jul 14th, 2020
Author:Exodus Software


Verdant Village is an RPG set in a medieval world. The main objective in this game is go about living your regular medieval life: planting and collecting food, going fishing, building your house, creating a farm, while also befriending all kinds of picturesque characters. The nearly endless possibilities in this game will actually probably remind you of Stardew Valley.

The adventure begins the morning after a shipwreck off the coast of the Empyrean Valley. Your character wakes up and is warmly welcomed by all the villagers and their leaders. From that point onwards, it’s up to you to create a fresh new start and time to build your new life.

Straight from the get-go you’re provided with all the basic tools, available to you at hand whenever needed. Verdant Village provides the exact tool to do whatever you need. For example: an axe to cut down trees, a pickaxe to bore out rocks and mineral resources, a hoe to till the soil and much more. Performing each of these actions is as simple as right-clicking on your mouse to select a given tool. Towards the lower part of your screen, there’s a shortcut to the inventory you’re looking for whenever you need to access these tools, as well as a list of the items you’re getting.

Play Verdant Village however you want, although the basic concept of the game is that every action you perform requires a certain amount of your energy. To get more, you have to rest in your bed or eat the right kind of food. Besides having the freedom to play as you want, there’s a series of missions that the villagers give you that brings a set of different benefits.

Verdant Village is an excellent fantasy RPG that takes the gameplay of Stardew Valley and other titles like Harvest Moon, bringing them the medieval world. Plus it features a beautiful pixel art esthetic making for an overall unique experience with the added charm of retro graphics.

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