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VEGA Conflict 1.134039 for Android

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VEGA Conflict

Description:Command your intergalactic fleet and conquer all of space
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:May 31rd, 2021


VEGA Conflict is a multiplayer strategy game where players command an intergalactic fleet and fight in an epic war, trying to conquer all of space. The action in VEGA Conflict never stops: you can play with your account on your phone, Android tablet, or even your browser.

As is typical in these kinds of strategy games, you’ll have to build and manage your operations base. You can construct different modules: for battle or storage, for minerals, for helium, and so on. Each module will cost a certain amount of resources, but it also gives you other advantages.

One of the most entertaining things in VEGA Conflict is that, despite being a large-scale strategy game, you can also customize even the smallest details of your fleet. You can choose everything from the number of ships it contains or the weaponry they’ll wield to the name of its lead ship.

Although you can fight the AI, you can also face other human players in intense PVP duels. In these fights, you’ll have to steer your ships manually to destroy enemy ships.

VEGA Conflict is a real-time multiplayer strategy game with very good graphics and a huge amount of content. Best of all: you can continue playing in a browser without any problems.

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