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USB Master Clean for Windows

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USB Master Clean

Operating System:Microsoft Windows
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Loads of users are in the habit of inserting their USB devices into random computers, exposing them to the possibility of infection by some type of virus and putting the USB device’s content at risk of file or folder loss.

USB Master Clean is a tool designed to protect your pen drive by thoroughly cleaning it. Just insert it into your PC and with a simple click the tool will delete any trash folder (hidden or not) and the viruses it might contain.

The interface of this program is very intuitive: when you connect your USB device, a window appears at the top of the screen. Once you’ve clicked on the window, you have to click ‘Analyze USB’ and the scanning process will begin.

When USB Master Clean’s inspection has finished, you have to select the suspicious-looking files and choose whether you want to delete them or keep them on your device. In short, the program is essential if you want to forget about all the unnecessary scares of losing important documents and files.

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