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Unkilled 2.1.2 for Android

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Description:New York City is being raided by zombies!
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:May 30th, 2021


Unkilled is the new FPS from Madfinger Games (the franchise that brought you Dead Tigger and Shadowgun). Here, you’ll play a soldier who’s survived the zombie apocalypse and has to save NYC from attacks of the undead.

The story is set in a desolate landscape, where you and a few other members of the Wolfpack military unit will have to find a solution. And this, of course, will involve fighting in the streets.

Unkilled’s missions are pretty short, lasting only two or three minutes. Before each, you’ll be able to try out and select your weapons: pistols, machine guns, rifles, or knives, along with other special items like missiles and adrenaline injections.

One of the unique gameplay elements is that you won’t have to push a button to shoot: you’ll automatically open fire whenever an enemy is in sight. This makes it easier to control your character and is perfect for touchscreen devices.

Unkilled is an outstanding first person shooter whose graphics look more like they’re from a console game than a game for smartphones. The story mode is quite long and includes several types of zombies that you’ll have to fight against. Definitely a great shooter game.

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