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Unified Remote for MAC

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Unified Remote

Operating System:MacOS
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Unified Remote is a recommended program that lets you use your mobile phone (Android, iOS, or Windows Phone) to control your computer: from using the keyboard and mouse to accessing directories and files stored on your hard drive.

The best thing about Unified Remote is that unlike other similar programs, it’s tremendously simple. Users don’t have to set anything up: just install the program on your hard drive (or use the portable version), run the app on the mobile device, and you’re ready to roll.

Unified Remote’s features include, as you might’ve guessed, the option to activate a password to access the remote controls, as well as use devices via Bluetooth (especially useful on laptops).

Unified Remote is a great management tool that stands out for its simplicity. That said, don’t forget this program is just the server. To use it correctly you also have to install the program on your mobile device (also available on Uptodown).

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