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Ultidash for Chrome 3.1.2 for Windows

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Ultidash for Chrome

Description:Keep distractions away and improve your overall productivity with the help of this efficient, stylish and versatile Chrome extension
Version:Ultidash for Chrome 3.1.2
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6.2 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 10 32/64 bit
Windows 8 32/64 bit
Windows 7 32/64 bit
Updated on:August 24, 2021
Downloaded:245 times
Developer:Matteo Bulgarelli


Since we all can agree that the Web is one of the most useful yet potentially distracting environment, it’s really no surprise that there is an overwhelming number of productivity software solutions out there.
If your daily work implies having surf the Internet and your weapon of choice is
Google Chrome
, then you might want a productivity solution that works well within the browser itself.
comes with an attractive proposal towards achieving that end by bringing together a light set of productivity tools within any newly open tab.
Like the large majority of Chrome extensions, this lightweight tool can be installed in mere seconds and with no more than a few mouse clicks, from the Chrome Web Store.
Once installed, it makes its presence known via a small icon that lives right next to your browser’s address bar. You are required to undergo a simple login process that implies you having to enter a name and a valid email.
The first thing you need to know is the fact that, once installed, each new tab you open will display by default the extension’s main interface. You are spoiled with a set of stylish background pictures and a clear-cut and very airy workspace.
You can quickly search for content from the minimal search bar on the upper-left side, check out the local 4-day weather display by simply hovering with the cursor over the upper-right corner, access the minimal to-do list menu by clicking the bottom-right placed icon and access countdown timer located in the lower-middle part of the tab screen.
We must point out that since the To-do list might seem a bit too simplistic, you can change its format to ‘Matrix’ (see the General tab within the Settings section) and benefit from a wider array of options to keep tabs on your daily tasks.
Probably the most important feature of Utildash is its so-called Concentration Timer. Here, you should know that it only works in sync with the extension’s Site Blocker. Simply put, you must first add a domain or a website to the Blacklist section (accessible from the Settings section) and then set up the countdown timer from the tab’s main screen.
Evidently, once the period has elapsed, you can access any website but otherwise, you will be prompted by a somewhat funny message that states that “That’s not appropriate.”
All in all, Utildash is a modern-looking and practical piece of software that despite not being the most feature-rich productivity tool out there, might work better than many for most Chrome users.
Come to think of it, features are somewhat irrelevant in this case since Utildash was designed to work very well within the Chrome browser that, as effective as versatile as it may be, it might sitll be one of the easiest gateways towards distraction for most of us.

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