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Typora 0.11.5 for Windows

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Description:Multiplatform text editor that’s compatible with Markdown y MathJax
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Aug 17th, 2021
Author:Abner Lee


Typora is an incredibly simple and easy cross-platform text editor that allows you to write in Markdown source code with support for MathJax via a clean and functional interface. Preview the code live so you can write code and format text simultaneously.

Typora’s most prominent feature is its live mode that helps you to see how the code is applied as it is written. For example, if you’re going to make any changes to the letter by adding, for example, bold-faced text, Typora shows you the change once you’re done typing this text in bold. To see the code you have inserted in each part, simply click on the part you want to see. Thanks to this function, you can view the final result of all the code you are inserting and access its modification with a single click.

Another advantage of Typora is its focus mode that allows you to focus on the paragraph you’re working on, reducing any distraction you might face from the rest of the paragraphs. In addition, Typora places the current line in the centre of the screen, so that you can work with as much attention as possible on the single line of code in front of you without any added distractions.

Typora is fully compatible with MathJax, including a large number of extensions such as notes, tables of contents, diagrams, word count tools and emoji, among many other elements. On the other hand, this tool also has several themes that you can apply to adapt to your needs at any time.

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