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Type 3.2.022X for MAC

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Description:Create your own fonts or customize the ones you already know
Operating System:MacOS
Added date:Mar 28th, 2015
Author:CR8 Software Solutions Ltd


Type is an interesting program that lets you create your own fonts or edit ones that already exist to use them in any program. It supports the TrueType and OpenType standards, letting you work using a complete visual editor on which you can trace, then vector it using different brushes and tools.

You can also import vector images from external programs, such as Illustrator or Inkscape using files with the extension svg, or you can use rastered images from backgrounds as guides for glyphs’ drawing (a standard graphical representation of every character that composes a letter’s font). Plus, thanks to its auto-trace wizard, you can trace outlines by hand without having to make many modifications afterwards.

Apart from the editor, it is also a complete font viewer and catalogue, which allows you to modify all of the parameters on a font package in so far as formats, styles, and variations in each family.

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