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Twitch Studio 8.0.0 for Windows

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App Name

Twitch Studio

Description:It’s never been easier to start streaming on Twitch
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Jul 21st, 2020


Twitch Studio is a window program released by Twitch, that makes it easy to stream to the world’s most popular game streaming platform. With Twitch Studio, you can start streaming without having to deal with the usual setup difficulties or get any additional software.

Just open Twitch Studio to set up your stream in a few simple steps. Since it’s official Twitch software, all you have to do is log in to access your Twitch account. After that, Twitch Studio automatically detects your webcam, microphone, monitor resolution, and an internet connection, and automatically configures those settings.

As well as making it easier than ever to stream video, Twitch Studio also has editing features and options you use to add a professional touch to your live stream. Twitch Studio not only has templates and overlays you can use to create a vibrant, entertaining stream, but also makes it easy for you to create your own templates.

Overall, Twitch Studio is excellent software that offers an easy way to stream to Twitch. Stream video, participate in your channel chat, interact with the community, and receive notifications, all from this one program. It’s never been easier to start streaming.

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