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Operating System:Microsoft Windows
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TV is a program by which you can watch hundreds of television channels from your desktop, live, and the only requirement is to be continuously connected to the internet.

The application will allow you to filter the channels based on their subject (sports, news, children, education, music. . .) and their country. Also, it comes with channels for practically every country in the world, although in Spain there are hardly half a dozen.

When playing various channels, the program will use the most appropriate tool for each of them, be it Windows Media Player, RealVideo, or Flash. The quality of every channel, of course, will depend on the channel itself and on your Internet connection, although usually they look pretty good.

TV is a very interesting tool for all users. despite haveing only a few Spanish channels available, the large number of music or technology channels you have at your disposal more than compensates for this shortcoming.

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