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Tumblr Savior for Chrome 1.10.0 for Windows

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Tumblr Savior for Chrome

Description:An extension for the popular Chrome browser that allows you to filter posts and clean your Tumblr dashboard in a few simple steps
Version:Tumblr Savior for Chrome 1.10.0
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Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 10 32/64 bit
Windows 8 32/64 bit
Windows 7 32/64 bit
Updated on:August 18, 2021
Downloaded:3,313 times
Developer:Bjorn Stromberg


Tumblr Savior for Chrome
is an extension that allows you to filter the content you receive on your Tumblr account.
It’s a very simple and efficient way in which you can eliminate those kinds of topics that seem to be spammed in your direction and serve no particular interest or purpose.
Tumblr Savior for Chrome displays a user-friendly interface which should pose no problems for you. You install it like any other
extensions, directly from the store or by dropping the CRX file into the browser.
The extension offers you two lists that you can use. The ‘Black List’ is composed of keywords for posts you want to block. For example, entering the keyword “malware” all the posts that are related to that type of content are hidden. The posts are not removed from the feed, but rather minimized.
The ‘White List’ acts as the opposite for the previous one, allowing you view posts which contain those keywords. The words you add to this list can also serve as filters. It’s possible to have ‘photo’ in the blacklist and with ‘HDR’ present in the whitelist you are still able to see images created using that technique.
It’s a straightforward and practical solution that can certainly help you out when you don’t want to waste time scrolling through irrelevant posts. The keywords you add to the lists can be updated or removed at any time.
As previously mentioned, Tumblr Savior for Chrome doesn’t delete the posts but minimizes them and allows you to receive notifications when something is hidden. The extension does leave you with the option to click on the post title and view it. Moreover, the blacklisting can be applied to users as well.
In closing, if your Tumblr feed seems to be overwhelmed with topics you want to avoid, then you can use Tumblr Savior for Chrome and hide them from sight.

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