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TransOver for Chrome 1.57 for Windows

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TransOver for Chrome

Description:This Google Chrome extension enables you to quickly translate a phrase from the current web page or view multiple word translations in any language
Version:TransOver for Chrome 1.57
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Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 10 32/64 bit
Windows 8 32/64 bit
Windows 7 32/64 bit
Updated on:April 25, 2021
Downloaded:2,121 times
Developer:Artem Avetisyan


The Internet has been one of the critical steps our civilizations has taken towards globalization, what with its incommensurable resources being offered in all existing languages.
And while this may seem intimidating, leading you to believe that there is no way whatsoever to explore them in their entity for this particular aspect, software solutions helping you remove the language barrier do exist.
TransOver for Chrome
is one such piece of software, which comes in the form of a browser extension for Chrome, helping you make quick translations from and to a multitude of languages. English, German, Spanish, French, Romanian, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Hindi are just a few highlights.
Before anything else, it must be mentioned that the addon does not come with an intricate setup and that it addresses all users alike, regardless of their tech skills.
You simply need to navigate to its “Options” section, which you can access by right-clicking its icon. It is here that you can select the language you want the Chrome extension to translate words into as well as the action that triggers this task.
You alternatives are to wake the addon when you click on a word or when simply hovering it with the mouse cursor. As for the language you want your text to be translated from, you can opt for “Autodetect” or favor the one that you are working with on a daily basis.
Furthermore, there are a series of goodies meant to make the addon a comprehensive tool. To be more specific, you can enable a text-to-speech option you can benefit from whenever you resort to a hotkey of your choice.
Plus, in order to prevent the Chrome addon from being intrusive, you can ask it to show the translation only when you press a specific key.
Besides, you can set exceptions for the translation process, since you can create a list of websites that you can exclude. The vice versa is also possible, with the possibility of limiting the extension’s influence to a particular compilation of pages.
On an ending note, TransOver is an approachable Chrome extension designed to easily get around websites whose content is in a language you don’t particularly understand.
Its behavior can be configured using a set of features, but there is nothing intricate to it, with its capabilities being aimed at helping you quickly check out the meaning of particular strings of text.

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