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TrackMania Sunrise for Windows

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TrackMania Sunrise

Operating System:Microsoft Windows
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Trackmania Sunrise is the name of the sequel for the insane game that is Trackmania.

It takes the amazing speed, ultra competitive multiplayer races and easily accessible tools to create and distribute outrageous tracks and even manages to add more and more.

This is new game will have you hours and hours challenging versus thousands of players all around the world. This time the circuits are better designed and the graphics are really better. You will experience high speed, enjoy driving cars at 400kph in insane circuits even better than the ones we used to see when we played the previous version.

Now you can play two new solo modes: Platform and Crazy. Build your own circuits, customize your car and share your creations over a P2P net with all other players.

More cars, more circuits, more fun. Even the most experienced of trackmaniacs will face a totally fresh racing experience.

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