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Trackmania 2 Stadium for Windows

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Trackmania 2 Stadium

Operating System:Microsoft Windows
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Tackmania 2 Stadium is the third instalment of the second part of the franchise Trackmania that as usual allows its players to compete against other players from around the world in some of the most crazy tracks with the most absurd speeds.

As is usual in the saga, the players will be able to create their own tracks thanks to a very powerful editor that allows them to include loopings, impossible jumps, incredible curves or tracks in which to accelerate completely. Once finished, we will be able to compete in them and challenge people of all over the world and try to improve our times.

More options related with the community we will find in the possibility to record videos with our best races and upload them to the Trackmania 2 network. From there, everybody will be able to see our abilities and try and learn from our manoeuvres. We will be able to do the same, of course, to try and be better than all our rivals.

Trackmania 2 Stadium is still the same vertiginous races game as always. A perfect management and a precise control are the identity mark of this franchise, and they are still here.

Trackmania 2 Stadium is a racing game where entertainment and abilities come first. To make the best times, we will have to have surgical precision when taking the curves, but part of the fun we will find precisely in not always winning, but in having to improve from race to race.

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