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TrackChecker 1.1.17 (b498) for Windows

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Description:A comprehensive and efficient application that offers support for various courier delivery companies and allows you to track parcels, shipments or mail
Version:TrackChecker 1.1.17 (b498)
File name:trackchecker_setup_1.1.17.498.exe
File size:
3.8 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 10 32/64 bit
Windows 8 32/64 bit
Windows 7 32/64 bit
Updated on:August 19, 2021
Downloaded:11,890 times


is a reliable and user-friendly utility meant to help you monitor the course of your parcels or other packages sent by mail throughout the world.
The application is particularly useful for those who shop online, and like to be kept aware of the track a specific parcel is on, where it has stopped, investigate a possible delay or quickly discover if it got lost.
Similarly, if your business depends on your products getting delivered on time to their recipient, you might want to monitor the path of your numerous parcels and be able to alert your buyer when their product has reached their destination. This can also help you discover any ill-intended client, who places an order but refuses to pick up their parcel.
Moreover, you can add events to your track, such as the shipment day, and start a countdown, enabling you to see how many days it takes until the package is delivered, specifically if it takes significantly longer than expected, which might mean you need to contact your courier service.
This utility can monitor the tracks of your shipment on over 270 mail services, be it postal or couriers, from countries such as Russia, Ukraine, China, Korea, Israel, United Kindgom, Spain, Argentina, New Zealand, Cyprus, South Africa, India, Norway, France, Denmark, and many others. This allows you to oversee the path of your package virtually all over the world, and make sure it arrives at its destination.
TrackChecker enables you to monitor numerous parcels at the same time, with the possibility of marking off or hiding those that have been delivered. The program can check all the tracks at startup, so you can quickly learn of any changes in your shipment’s status.
TrackChecker is a great tool, useful for anyone who needs to ship items via various delivery services, as it allows you to constantly monitor your parcels’ status and be kept aware of its current location.

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