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ToyViewer for MAC

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Operating System:MacOS
Requirements:Snow Leopard version. On the program website [url=][/url] versions for Leopard and Tiger are ready to download and install.
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On top of working as an image viewer for a number of different graphic formats, ToyViewer has a lot of basic editing functions and a simple selection of filters that you can apply to transform your pictures.

Rotating, red-eye reduction, resizing, contrast, color balance, transparency, posterize, contour, frame, or mosaic are some of the filters that are available to apply with this program.

Not only that, ToyViewer is also ready to use as a PDF and GIF viewer for animated graphics. Other formats that ToyViewer supports are:TIFF, GIF, BMP, PNG, JPG, PCX, PCD, PICT, PNM, XBM, MAG, SUN Rasterfile or JPEG2000.

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