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ToDo X

ToDo X

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ToDo X

Description:To-do task organizer.

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Operating System:MacOS
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Author / Developer:Developer website
Free • Absolutely Free


ToDo X is a standalone Mac-only to-do list application. Its user interface is deliberately, almost ruthlessly simplified, yet it provides plenty of power under the hood: it allows you to maintain multiple, prioritized lists of to-do items, each with unlimited attached notes and clickable links to Web locations, documents, folders and email addresses; you can link items to multiple lists and use drag-and-drop to copy, link or move items between lists; you can search, display or print the union of selected lists. You have instant access to your to-do lists from the dock or the menu bar, and you can create a to-do item from selected text in any application that supports the Services menu. ToDo X can import from many different file formats, including .ics calendar files and plain text files. The application is free of cost, with no registration, no limitations, and no ads.

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