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TinyTask 1.77 for Windows

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Description:Easily automate any activity
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Dec 16th, 2019
Author:Vista Software


TinyTask is a small tool, barely a few kilobytes in size, that lets you record and reproduce simple activities that you normally carry out on your computer.

The simplest task you can carry out, for example is to record the transfer of files from one folder to another, then automate the process and thus being able to do it as many times as you like with the simple click of a button.

Plus, you can save your recordings as independent executables (.EXE), thus letting you carry you’re your automations in the quickest way possible.

TinyTask is a very useful, lightweight app that does not require installation. It is ideal for recording small automations that can carry out your daily or more tedious activities.

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