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TinEye for Firefox 1.5.2 for Windows

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TinEye for Firefox

Description:An extension that helps you make use of the TinEye Reverse Image Search capabilities withing your Firefox browser, turning it into an even more useful service
Version:TinEye for Firefox 1.5.2
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41 KB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 11
Windows 10 32/64 bit
Windows 8 32/64 bit
Windows 7 32/64 bit
Windows Vista 32/64 bit
Windows XP 32/64 bit
Updated on:October 29, 2021
Downloaded:430 times
License:MIT License
Developer:Idée Inc


TinEye Reverse Image Search
is one of those extensions that will make your day better. Whether you have to find beautiful pictures for a project or you simply need to find the source of one particular picture, this here add-on can help you track down the source or sources of one or more pictures. It can offer you higher resolution variants as it can also show you other variations of the same picture.
The idea behind it is simple. What you have to do is activate the extension and track down a photo or picture you want the source for. Right-click it and select the option, usually situated at the bottom of the menu.
This will, in turn, send you to a search page where all the TinEye magic happens. If there are matches found, the page will list them, and you will be able to choose whichever source and picture version you prefer.
The extension is quite accurate. The majority of the searches turn in very good results, and the time this extension needs for it to do this is truly impressive. The interaction with this extension is smooth and, being lightweight, it does not clog your computer or the browser interface.
The same goes for the options interface, an intuitive and simple menu that allows one to set extension particularities, such as sort order or permissions. Everything about the TinEye extension for Firefox is simple and easy to use.
TinEye for Firefox could easily be used to verify the authenticity of any given photograph or picture. It could also help one find specific variations of one particular image or simply allow the user to verify if their obtained pictures have the best possible characteristics.
Regardless of how you plan on using it, TinEye for Firefox is one of those extensions that will make life more bearable for you, especially if you are looking to find certain pictures or images in a fast and accurate manner.

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