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TimeSlotTracker 1.3.23 for Windows

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Description:Keep your work organized and manage multiple chores with this application that allows you to schedule different tasks and customize their time details
Version:TimeSlotTracker 1.3.23
File name:TimeSlotTracker-1.3.23.jar
File size:
4.5 MB
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Requirements:Windows 10 32/64 bit
Updated on:April 1, 2021
Downloaded:3,070 times


Nowadays, with the constant technological advancement, the working environment become fast-paced and users need to have a good management of their agenda in order to keep up. There are numerous software solutions that offer organizer capabilities and one of them is
. This application will offer a complete time-management solution, with features for organizing custom tasks, scheduling them accordingly and editing their details.
TimeSlotTracker offers users with a clean interface that offers multiple sections that provide a good task management. People will be able to easily create new tasks, with custom names, descriptions and time intervals. Scheduling options are also provided, allowing one to make the preferred tasks recurrent.
A handy side-panel provides an overview of the task tree structure, which allows people to visualize the hierarchy of their tasks and sub-tasks. They can select their preferred events and mark them as favorites, therefore always having them accessible.
People can create as many tasks as they require and the application allows them to add projects in each one, this way being able to achieve a basic library. The attributes for each task can be edited individually and the application offers one the choice of generating task reports in HTML, CSV or TXT format.
Nevertheless, some users might require additional attributes for their tasks, such as media content (images, sounds, video clips, etc.), which aren’t offered by the utility. Furthermore, the app could have also provided different views for the task and timeslot listing, such as tiles or thumbnails.
This application might be a wise choice for those who require an efficient task management system. It will allow them to create multiple tasks, assign the preferred scheduling options and even export the added entries. Offering a straightforward handling and accessible menus and features, TimeSlotTracker ensures that users will have no reason to miss their appointments or forget any tasks.

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