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Time Doctor for Mac OS X 2.3.34 for MAC

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Time Doctor for Mac OS X

Description:Manage your time in the best way possible.
Operating System:MacOS
Added date:Jan 9th, 2014
Author:Time Doctor LLC


Time Doctor is a personal management tool (although it can also be used for group projects) that gives you the ability to correctly manage the time you spent working or doing specific tasks.

The application lets you create as many “to-dos” as you’d like, that you can ‘launch’ at any time. Then, with just one click, you can pause them to take a break, and with another click, simply resume them.

Through the applications web interface, you will see a timeline that measures not only your working hours, but also the rest of the users (if any) that are connected to you, which turns out to be very useful for offices or workgroups.

One of the most notable details of the application is it’s warning system that lets you know when you get off track, playing around on social-networking sites or Youtube rather than working. In this case, the program will display a warning that will urge you to continue to work.

Time Doctor is a very interesting application for work time management, that proves particularly useful for small offices or university work groups where you want everyone to do their fair share of the work.

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