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TikTok 19.5.4 for Android

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Description:Add music and effects to your videos and then share them!
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:May 17th, 2021
Author:TikTok Pte. Ltd.


TikTok is the official Android app for the super popular social network that lets you create and share fun videos with all your friends and followers. In order to take advantage of all that TikTok has to offer, start by setting up a user account — it’ll only take a few seconds.

TikTok offers you tons of different options to create new videos. For example, choose to record your video directly on the app or use pictures and clips from your gallery. From there, add one of millions of different songs from the TikTok catalog and sync them up with your videos, otherwise choosing a song stored on your smartphone is also an option, along with recording a voiceover.

The tons of features that TikTok offers makes the editing process totally painless, quick and easy. Choose between all kinds of effects: filters, speed control, time lapses, rewind, transitions and other ‘time machine’ effects.

TikTok is a social network that, unlike many others, is actually still fun to be on. TikTok is here to get you in on all the latest trends, dances and viral videos. Best of all is you get.

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