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Description:Share your status updates and Instagram stories with your besties
Operating System:Android google play ico png icon
Added date:Aug 25th, 2021


Threads is the newest Instagram tool, designed to add an extra layer of privacy to your Instagram posts. Now you can control exactly who sees your stories by uploading them on a completely separate channel, specifically designed for sharing your content with your best friends. Plus, it’s easier than ever to share your stories and make sure they’re only shown to your closest inner circle of friends.

Even though Instagram already has a feature that allows you to specifically share your stories with your best friends; this tool completely extricates that function, relegating it to an entirely separate app. Now you can add an even heavier layer of privacy protections so each photo and video you send will only go out to a list of selected trusted contacts.

Another unique function that Threads provides is setting up your status. Now you can show all your friends what you’re up to by adding activity icons. Whenever you’re out for a bike ride, for example, the app itself automatically detects your location and updates your activity status as you go.

Threads also includes several customization options that allow you to adapt the app interface to your own taste. For example, there are several themes for you to apply to easily modify each menu. Plus, you’ll find there’s the chance to send any specific story to your best friends simply by tapping on their profile photo. All in all, Threads is a new tool developed by Instagram where you share your stories and messages in a simple and easy way. Plus, it’s centered on keeping you in touch with your best friends and helps streamline all your interactions even further by limiting exactly who sees each of your posts.

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