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Description:Information assistant.

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Operating System:MacOS
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Thoughts is a complete information assistant which allow you to create rich documents containing notes, links, pictures, tables and lists – in a beautiful interface. Whether you are journalist, storywriter, hobbiest or developer, you will find out that thoughts is just the perfect place to store all your thoughts.


Style your text with ease: All formatting tools are just a click away Add images, style it your way. It’s all there.
A Hyperlink away: Link to whatever you like, or even build your own wiki with the ease of drag’n drop. Link to pages, documents, Web and Mail.
Organize in tables: The power of table formatting is now built right into Thoughts. You can even customize the look of tables.
One book is not enough: Add as many books as you like to your personal shelf. One book for library lists with all your DVDs, CDs, games and more, another for your personal notes, and a third for your business notes.
Powerful Export: Export your entries to Word (doc, docx), TextEdit (rtf), PDF and Open Office (odt).
Gesture controls: Navigate through your books by using your hand like you would in a real notebook. Swipe right or left with three fingers to go one page forward or backward.

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