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The Maze of Galious for Windows

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The Maze of Galious

Operating System:Microsoft Windows
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The Maze of Galious is a remake of the classic 80s game of the same name. Playing as two knights, Popolon and Aphrodite, you have to get through the maze of the evil Galious and kill him.

The game is divided into different 2D worlds, which you’ll have to explore with the objective of finding the keys to escape. Along the way, you’ll come across enemies of all sorts – bats, skeletons, worms, etc. – which will make things more and more difficult as you go from one puzzle to the next.

You can switch between the two characters whenever you want, and there’s practically no difference between the two of them in terms of ability. The advantage they provide is that you’ll have an extra life in case something happens to the other one.

This version of The Maze of Galious also includes different display options. On the startup screen, you’ll be able to choose between the four available options regarding the way the graphics are displayed.

The Maze of Galious is a very fun platform and adventure game that’s as good today as it was 20 years ago when it was released. Also, anyone who’s a fan of the game La Mulana will recognize right away that this game was a direct influence.

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