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TFTactics for Windows

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Description:The perfect companion for playing Teamflight Tactics
Operating System:Microsoft Windows
Added date:Sep 16th, 2021


TFTactics is a program that will help you get better at playing Teamflight Tactics. It gives you helpful information about champions, objects, and synergies as you play. It’s the perfect program for anyone who wants to play better and also discover all the secrets behind this popular Auto Chess game.

There are two different ways to use TFTactics: as a guide to read everything about the objects and characters in the game, or as a companion app within the game that will give you inside information about the best possible combinations as you play.

TFTactics offers endless information about the all the character origins and classes, the best combinations, the best positioning on the board, and so much more. It’s all extremely useful information for both champions and objects, going into great detail about both. Plus, it’s constantly updated with the latest TFT patches so you’re always up to date with all the pros and cons of the main elements in this Auto Chess title from Riot Games.

TFTactics is a fantastic program for keeping up with all the latest features and discovering the best strategy for the game, either while you play or not. Plus, it’ll give you detailed statistical information if you connect it to your account.

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